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Girls with Hot Bodies
Girls with Hot Bodies
For models with hot bodies and hot pics. If you would like to have your pics on this site, email your pics to Ken Nunoo at December 5, 2006

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343rd Key Black Star Black of Darkness vol. 1
341st key Yod The WORD Vol.1
267th Oceans 1 Meditations vol. 1
322nd key chaioth-Ha Qadosh Angelika Vol. 1
185th key God is Light Dance to the sounds of nature vol. 3
21st key Black Rain Dance to the sounds of nature vol. 2
160th key Latin Seashore Dance to the sounds of nature vol. 1
310th key Jungle 20 Drums n Bass Vol. 2
300th key Jungle 10 Drums n Bass Vol. 1
250th key Lord Stars of Heaven
52nd key angels Energies of mind vol. 3
140th key Piano Samba Fire & Ice

The WORD Vol. 1 Meditations vol. 1 Angelika Vol. 1 Drums n Bass Vol. 2
Drums n Bas Vol. 1 we like to party vol. 2 Dance to the sounds of nature vol. 1 what's blasting
Dance to the sounds of nature vol. 2 Dance to the sounds of nature vol. 3 we like to party vol. 1 stars of heaven
we like to dance vol. 1 1st key R&B 37th key R&B Fire & Ice
Energies of mind vol. 1 Energies of mind vol. 2 Energies of mind vol. 3 44th key Gabriel

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The WORD Vol. 1

Written and Performed By: Ken Nunoo

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1. 332nd Key Aleph
2. 333rd Key Beth
3. 334th Key Gimel
4. 335th Key Daleth
5. 336th Key He
6. 337th Key Vau
7. 338th Key Zain
8. 339th Key Cheth
9. 340th Key Teth
10. 341st Key Yod

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Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Measurements: 34B-24-36
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Pacific Islander
Skin color: Olive

I am a model/singer/actress from Seattle WA and just moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL. however I am also an artist my emphasis is mainly : Sculpture and Murals -my passion is abstract and urban/cultural art My heritage: Filipina, Spanish, Polish and Irish I'm very open to different ideas and types of projects and I also do alot of Promotional Modeling as well. I am very easy to work with and always bring some of my own creativity to shoots. Currently I am interested in: Urban Glamour-tasteful images only, Parts modeling, Swimwear, Lingerie and Fashion. I am willing to travel for shoots, however I only do paid assignments. Some of my work: **Hot Bike- model **Dr. Pepper Sweetheart-Promotional Model **Pursuit Yacht Co.-Promotional Model/ Miami Intl Boat Show **Wrigley's-Promotional Model I just started designing crochet bikinis and microkinis if anyone is interested a few of my suits are up here and more photos will be available soon. I can also be contacted through my e-mail: